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Fall 2018

It's always exciting to look forward to fall and yet sad to think of summer ending.   It's been a wonderful, fun summer at Kids' MusicRound.   The fall semester is just ahead and I am getting ready to have fun with all of you singing the RedRound collection!   I already can't wait to share the giggles and music with everyone.   The first Wednesday of the semester is September 12th as we are off the 19th for a holiday.    The rest of the classes begin the week of September 17th.  Please note that.

Tonight - Thursday - August 23 - 6:00 PM -  I'm performing at the Yardley Ice House!

This Tuesday - August 28th - 10:30 AM -  Performance at the Oxford Valley Mall in the Sears' Court Lower Level

September 6th - 4:15 PM - Performance at the Lower Makefield Farmer's Market (across from Woodside Presbyterian Church) in Veterans' Field

Definitely watch and read my posts on Facebook:  Kids' MusicRound with Miss Marilyn  -  you'll get lots of understanding as to the value of music education for babies and toddlers and you'll see the faces of our precious children and their joy in learning through play.

Marilyn Schwartz