Kids' MusicRound with Miss Marilyn
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Family. Music. Memories.

Welcome to Kids' MusicRound!

Welcome to Kids' MusicRound! Fun-filled music classes for babies to age 5. Join in the fun!

Come try a class, and tell all your friends! The 10-week Fall semester will begin Monday, Sept. 9, 2019!!! Make sure to check out the most popular unlimited attendance option.

*New class offering - Saturdays at 12:30 finally offering a BabyRound Class for newborns to 8 months with their special adult(s).

Join Miss Marilyn in Yardley and Newtown for a semester of singing, laughing, dancing, instrument playing, award-winning music and movement experience for your little one.   Through play and fun we will begin your child's musical journey so important to their musical and full development.  Make sure your child doesn't miss out on this most important time to help reach his/her full potential while you too will have the best time with such a wonderful community of amazing families.


My kids attended Miss Marilyn’s music classes from ages 1-4. I credit their longtime love of music and singing to these classes. My daughter liked these classes so much that she begged to come along when her baby brother joined.
— Lisa G.
Miss Marilyn is wonderful and the music class has been so great for my son. It’s such a relaxed, welcoming environment, a great way to meet local parents. If you’re thinking about going, try it - you won’t regret it.
— Michelle D.
Miss Marilyn’s class is the best around. She has so much energy, gives each child special attention, and makes us all laugh.
— Sharon O.
My kids have been going to Miss Marilyn since they were babies. They love it! Miss Marilyn is so great with the kids! She treats them with such love and gives them a great foundation for music. Highly recommend!
— Melissa B.

The Magic of Music in Early Childhood!

Early Music Competence

We give children a love of music and the skills they can use in future musical endeavors.

Physical Development

Active music making allows children to get their wiggles out and move their bodies while learning important foundational skills of music.

Music, a Foundation

Studies show that young children with musical training are better, more focused students.

Social Development

Engaging, playful activities and songs encourage group participation and turn taking. Children flourish and friendships bloom.


Parents, grandparents and caregivers learn how to play musically with their child creating lasting memories and strong connections for all.

Language Development

Studies show a direct link between language development and early music exposure. Finding rhythm and learning how to keep accurate beat can improve your child’s language skills!