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Summer Semester

Join Miss Marilyn in Yardley in the Fire Hall (across from McCaffreys) and Newtown (at Shir Ami) for a semester of singing, laughing, dancing, instrument playing, award-winning music and movement experience for your little one.   Through play and fun we will begin your child's musical journey so important to their musical and full development.  Make sure your child doesn't miss out on this most important time to help reach his/her full potential while you too will have the best time with such a wonderful community of amazing families.

Come try a class, and tell all your friends! The 9-week Summer semester will begin June 24, 2019.

This is Miss Marilyn’s 20th Year bringing music to Yardley and Newtown and continues to love every minute of it.

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One class per week (Summer)

One class per week (Summer)

Unlimited class pass (Summer)

Unlimited class pass (Summer)

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